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Review “Seventh Grade”

Ch.  1, Sect.  1 Notes p.1


Social Studies: Read Textbook pages 139-143


Social Studies: Read Textbook pages 136-138

ELA: Complete Vocabulary Organizer for “Seventh Grade” Write out the definitions and a paraphrased sentence for all 5 Vocabulary Development Words. Include the part of speech in the definition for each word. If you have time, research the synonyms for each word and include a picture that corresponds to the word and sentence.

The sentence is a paraphrase or a rephrase in your own words of how the word was used in the text.

An example of this for the vocabulary word elective. Elective was used in the text in the following quote from the story:

     He was handed a packet of papers and a computer card on which he listed his one elective, French.

This can be paraphrased as:

Victor chose French to be his elective.

This will require the student to find the vocabulary word in the story and read how it was used in the text. Then the student will need to write the meaning of what he/she read and write it in his/her own words.


ELA: Read “Seventh Grade”

Social Studies: Complete THIEVES for Ch. 1, Section1; pages 136-143.

Gunderson Field Trip forms are due on Friday, 8/28.


Bring all supplies by Monday, 8/24.

Please remind parents to initial your Academic Planner every evening. They are responsible for helping to monitor your academics. Please contact me if you have another adult who can initial for your child. A phone call, note or email would be greatly appreciated. My contact info is 408-535-6205 and jtottori@sjusd.org


Bring supplies by Monday, 8/24.

Social Studies Scavenger Hunt page 49

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