Have a great weekend!

We had a wonderful week getting to know each other and we had our first English lesson today. We “unpacked’ the skills and tasks that we will be working through for the first part of Unit 1. We also did a Scavenger Hunt of the Social Studies textbook that will help us learn about the Ancient World for the school year.

Be ready to begin improving and learning new skills in English and learning about Ancient Rome next week.

Until then, enjoy this weekend and I hope it’s as pheomenal as my new 7th grade students!❤


English: Read for 30 minutes, have a parent/guardian sign your Academic Planner to confirm completion of homework.


English: Read for 30 minutes, have parent sign your Academic Planner to confirm completion of homework.


Personal Mission Statement-use the questions that you were given in class to write a 2-3 sentence Mission Statement about this school year. Decorate a box around your statement.


English Language Arts: Facebook Profile Handout


I apologize, I didn’t post what the homework was last night! It was a Parent Questionnaire that I wanted each student’s parent(s) to fill out asking questions about his/her student. The student was also to share my Handbook, Syllabus and Classroom Management Plan with his/her parent.

If you were unable to return this with your child today, please do so today. My many thanks to all of the families who so generously donated tissues, baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, pencils, and expo markers. Thank you so very much! We really appreciate you!

I did not assign a homework assignment for tonight. Please take time to relax and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow!

Welcome Back to School!


Hello everyone!

Tomorrow is our first day at school at Allen at Steinbeck K-8! I hope to see you at our orientation in the gym from 12:30-2:00. Please stop by to pick up your schedules and uniform and all of the beginning of the year goodies that you need to stay afloat this year!

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