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Homework 2/25

Theme Handout #3; Test on Tuesday 3/3

Review Africa Flash Cards, Discussion Questions, p. 213 Chart on African Empires; Chapter 3 TEST is FRI 2/27.

Need Theme help? Check out the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1jy_K7oJ2M



Use registration code given to you in class.

username: s (student id #)

password: birthdate

email: s (student id#)@sjusd.org

7B/7B First Name Last Name, Two Kinds

Using the textual evidence from your charts, compare and contrast Jing-Mei’s view of what she wants for herself with Jing-Mei’s mother’s view of what she wants for her daughter. Cite at least four pieces of textual evidence to support your argument.
Share with jtottori@sjusd.org

Homework 1/27

Bring your library books.

3-2 Notes page 3; Quiz for 3-2 is on Tuesday, 2/3.

Homework 1/26

Review Conflict notes; Quiz is on Tuesday, 1/28

3-2 Notes page 2

Homeowork 1/21

Read Textbook pages 127-129.

African Fables Handout

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