Homework 10/22

Complete the Jeremy Lin Packet. Pre-work began during class today. Make sure you also edit your work tonight.

Homework 10/21

Read Textbook p. 178-180

Social Studies Note 2-1

Homework 10/20

THIEVES 2-1 The Rise of Islam pages 174-180

Read Textbook pages 174-177

Homework 10/16

Author’s Purpose Activity #1: Determine the author’s purpose and write a sentence explaining why.

Review for the Rome Unit Test: Discussion Questions, Gods and Goddesses and 20 flash cards.

Homework 10/15

Review for the Rome Unit Test on FRIDAY 10/17!


Homework 10/14

Social Studies: Work on the Roman Gods and Goddesses Handout and Review for Rome Unit Test on Friday.

Picture Day is on Thursday, 10/16.

Homework 10/13

ELA: Read for 30 minutes.

SS: Create Rome Flash Cards. Use the key we created in class for the 20 Roman Words. Use the 10 index cards that I gave you in class. Remember to cut each one in half so that you have a total of 20 cards. Write the word on one side and the definition on the other side.
Review for the Rome Unit Test that is on 10/17!


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