Homework 10/29

ELA: Review Author’s Purpose Notes and the sentence frames for quiz on Thursday, 10/30.

SS: Complete the short summary on the bottom page of Writing Activity 2.

Review Discussion Questions, terms, places, and people from your 2-1 NOTES for the Quiz on Friday, 10/31.

Homework 10/28

SS: Review 2-1 for Quiz on Friday 10/31

Language Arts: Re-read the article “Video Games…” and use it to complete the SOAPStone Graphic Organizer. Use notes given in class to help you.

Homework 10/27

Social Studies: Answer Discussion Questions 2-1, Quiz on 2-1 is on Friday, 10/31.

Language Arts: Read the article titled “Video Games…”

Homework 10/23

Guided Reading Activity 2-1

Homework 10/22

Complete the Jeremy Lin Packet. Pre-work began during class today. Make sure you also edit your work tonight.

Homework 10/21

Read Textbook p. 178-180

Social Studies Note 2-1

Homework 10/20

THIEVES 2-1 The Rise of Islam pages 174-180

Read Textbook pages 174-177

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