Homework 9/18

Read, annotate “Hurricane Katrina” and fill in the organizer.

topic=circle in blue

topic sentence=box in green

supporting details=underline in red

transition sentences=zigzag underline in orange

Review for 1-2 QUIZ on Friday!

Homework 9/17

Read ONLY: “Healthy Eating”

Answer #3 on Text page 155; Quiz 1-2 is on Friday!

Homework 9/16

Read Text p. 154-155.

Discussion Questions 1-2; Quiz on Friday, 9/19!

Homework and Notes 9/15

Read “She’s Back!”

Guided Reading Activity 1-2, Quiz on 1-2 on Friday, 9/19.

Notes for Main Idea and Supporting Details 4-door template

Topic-the general subject that the passage is about, usually one or two words.

Topic Sentence-a sentence in a passage that states the main idea of that passage. Some passages may NOT have a topic sentene.

Main Idea- a statement that tells what a passage is mostly about. This can be determined AFTER reading and comprehending.

Supporting Details-more narrow ideas, evidence, examples, details and elaboration that support the main idea in a passage.

Homework 9/12


Homework 9/11

Text Structure Practice Handout, Quiz is on Friday, 9/12.

Review your Text Structures Notes and assignments.

Read Text p. 152-153 and complete 2 NOTES pages.

Homework 9/10

Text Structures Practice, Quiz is on Friday, 9/12!

Read Text pages 148-151.

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