Homework 9/26

Have a wonderful break!

No work is given for the break, but if you want to stay on top of your knowledge, you might want to review Social Studies 1-3 because we will have a quiz on Friday, 10/10.

The following week, Friday 10/17, we will have a Rome Unit Test.

We will also continue working on our Objective Summaries and Text Structures on our return.

Keep reading daily.

Have fun, make a friend or two and relax, let’s get ready for the next 6 weeks!

Homework 9/25

Empress Theodora-Write a main idea sentence and the text structure per paragraph.

Social Studies Note 1-3 p. 3.

Social Studies Packets are due.

7B-Bring your eye glasses for vision screening.

Homework 9/24

Read textbook pages 160-165.

Complete 1-3 Notes page 2.

Packets are due on Friday, 9/26.

7B-Bring your eyeglasses for vision screening.

Homework 9/23

Read Textbook p. 157-159

Finish Notes for 1-3

Return both Progress Reports signed by a parent/guardian on Wednesday, 9/24.

7B-Vision Screening on Friday, 9/26; bring your glasses if you have them!

Homework 9/22

Complete any unfinished classwork from today: THIEVES, Objective Summary on a Roman emperor and Social Studies Packet.

I am looking forward to a GREAT report from the substitute!

Homework 9/18

Read, annotate “Hurricane Katrina” and fill in the organizer.

topic=circle in blue

topic sentence=box in green

supporting details=underline in red

transition sentences=zigzag underline in orange

Review for 1-2 QUIZ on Friday!

Homework 9/17

Read ONLY: “Healthy Eating”

Answer #3 on Text page 155; Quiz 1-2 is on Friday!

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